Freitag, 18. März 2011

Alexandra Fly – neo-feminist artistic project

Alexandra Fly neo-feminist artistic project

(concerning the exhibition: dolls reflecting the figure of Fly, costumes, videos, pictures and the performance in the exhibition area)

Alexandra Fly, wearing the spectacular costume, densely trimmed around with small rag vaginas and penises, is defending women’s rights.

Travelling by planes around Europe and the USA, she visits exhibitions of contemporary art and, thanks to her figure, attracts the attention of random viewers.

The project, situated in the public area, is based on:

- conscious confrontation of the individual with an average viewer.

- the reactions of the audience, caused by braking the taboo, and

- the provocation, resulting from publicly naming and talking about women’s sexual organs.

However, it has nothing to do with nudity. It is only about the abstract image of forms, which are reminiscent of lady’s genitals.

Publicly presented costume of Fly lifts the veil of secrecy related to vagina, emphasizes that it can bring out beautiful connotations and it does not have to be the subject of bashful conversations.

Interaction with the viewers:

During all time of the exhibition, the visitors will have the access to the wardrobe of the Alexandra Fly’s project. That way, by trying on costumes, the audience will be able to fully understand the artist’s protest against sexual discrimination.

Media sculpture and social network:

One can not miss the spectacular artistic figure. The artist herself walks around her exhibition, starts conversations with the viewers and answers the questions of all who are interested. Also, if they are willing to, they can have a souvenir photo with Alexandrą Fly, which - later put onto the Internet - will enrich the existing network.


Feminist discourse:

The success of moral revolution in 1968 has highly influenced the changes of life’s customs for all the residents of the Western Europe. In other parts of the world there still exists the strict classification in men’s and women’s roles. Lots of emigrants, who have come to Europe in big numbers from places where women play second-rate parts, have never heard of the sexual revolution. Those people, although living in Europe, still cut out girls’ clitorises, take part in forced marriages and honourable murders. And the one who uses force against women, at the same time intimidates and destroys the source of energy and, through this, is a threat to all humanity.

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